Dr. Bruce Cushing

Dr. Cushing’s research program is focused on understanding the neurobiology of social behavior in the prairie (Microtus ochrogaster), with a focus on how drugs of abuse affect the social brain.

Dr. Ian Mendez

The primary goal of Dr. Mendez’s research is to understand how the circuits of the brain reward system become dysregulated and how these changes contribute to impairments in motivational, hedonic, and cognitive processes.


Dr. Katherine Serafine

Dr. Serafine's research program uses animal models to study the factors (such as age, sex, and diet) that contribute to vulnerability to drug abuse.

Dr. Kyung-An Han

The major interest of Dr Han’s lab research is the neurobiological basis of behavioral plasticity such as learning, memory and drug addiction.

Dr. Laura O'Dell

Dr. O’Dell’s research program is focused on the neural mechanisms that mediate addiction to drugs of abuse.

Dr. Mahesh Narayan

The work in Dr. Narayan’s laboratory focuses on mitigating reactive oxygen species (ROS)-related oxidative damage to protein disulfide isomerase (PDI).

Dr. Sergio Iniguez

Dr. Iniguez's preclinical research program examines how early life exposure to psychotropic drugs, as well as stress, increases drug-liability in adulthood.

Dr. Sukla Roychowdhury

Dr. Roychowdhury’s research program is focused on understanding the Cytoskeletal mechanisms of alcohol/nicotine dependence.

Dr. Theodore Cooper

Dr. Cooper’s research within the Prevention and Treatment in Clinical Health laboratory (PATCH Lab) is focused on the assessment of and intervention with multiple addictive behaviors and secondarily issues related to weight concern and control.